Dental Business Development

Dental Business Development Services or as we like to say: Grow Your Results!

Business Systems Assessment
A two-day on-site comprehensive evaluation of the business systems, marketing plan, the dental team, and the practice statistics will allow us to determine the individual needs that are unique to your practice.  On day two of this analysis, one half day will be spent presenting the outcomes and an action plan for successful implementation of the recommendations.  An expense plan, office budget and production goal plan are included.  Based on the overall findings, a customized training program will be developed for the entire dental team.

In Office Training Sessions

  • Appointment Scheduling – how to increase production and decrease stress with effective time management tools and communication skills.
  • Communication Skills – how to influence patients to follow recommendations while respecting inter-office guidelines.
    Enhanced treatment presentation and case acceptance will result.
  • Financial Arrangements – how to develop a comprehensive written internal financial policy, negotiate firm yet flexible payment plans, and establish the appropriate tracking systems.  Effective insurance management and collection information will be presented.
  • New Patient Exam – how to make your patient’s feel like ambassadors of your practice from the initial telephone call.  A step-by-step approach will be taught to the dental team, clearly defining each person’s role in the process.  Based on the L. D. Pankey Institute model.
  • Continuing Care – how to maximize the hygiene program and motivate patients to be committed to a continuing care system.  Reducing cancellations and creating the urgency for patients to return for consistent visits with the hygienist will be a major focus.
  • Risk Management Charting – how to establish consistency and continuity within the record keeping system while offering effective risk management techniques.
  • Team Building – how to create a unified team approach to problem solving and support the success of each other’s professional growth within the practice.
  • Marketing – how to attract the type of new patient you prefer while keeping the ones you have.  Internal marketing systems including excellence in customer service are the focus of this seminar.

Telephone Consultation Services

On-going support and follow-up will be provided to both the Doctor and dental team by telephone.  On a monthly basis, a minimum of one hour of telephone time will be scheduled with the doctor to discuss the process of implementation of the business systems, review action plans and practice statistics, and answer any questions.  The doctor and team are invited to call for support and consultation as often as is needed.

Trouble Shooting Sessions

Prior to each seminar, a one half day trouble shooting session will be provided on-site to monitor progress and success, as well as resolve any specific concerns that the doctor or team may experience with business systems implementation.  This will be tailored to the needs of the practice, and may include attendance at a staff meeting if appropriate.

New Team Training

For additional fees, new or current team members may receive one-on-one training with the consultant to assist them in learning the business systems and communication skills.